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Thread: Lifted 4x4 Monter Truck Cadillac Hearse - Hearse-Zilla

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    Default Lifted 4x4 Monter Truck Cadillac Hearse - Hearse-Zilla

    $11,000 o.b.o.
    Here it is after 5 years in the making, Hearse-Zilla. This is a lifted 4x4 1989 Cadillac Hearse made by eagle coach company. This Hearse is unique due to the fact it has an electric pull out extensible table and it can roll over most other Hearses. Its missing the electric motor for the table but they are not hard to replace. This Hearse sits on a full size Suberban frame with 44' Ground Hawg tires with aluminium rims. The Hearse has a built 305 with a monster cam and true dual flow master pipes. It runs great. also included is an 18 guage sealible casket and a wheelen purple hearse light for the top. Recently installed are strobe lights in all four wheel wells and 4 strobes on the inside of the back of the Hearse. I built this Hearse for the Haunted house I work at. He pays me to park it there every year and I tell you what it draws attention. Now this hearse is over the legal limit but the tires are the biggest Michigan allows. It does fit in the lane and I drive it every where. Sometime I get pulled over but they uasaly give me a warning.

    This is what it cost to build the Hearse.

    1989 Hearse - $3,000
    1987 complete Suburban - $1,500
    1985 Cadillac front clip $300 - (because the hearse front clip didn't look right due to the age)
    9' lift springs, blocks, shocks, boots - $700
    44' mud tires and aluminum rims $3,200
    engine, rebuild and install $800
    Suburban cut off Suburban frame $400
    Hearse cut apart , everything but the body and frame from fire wall back - $600
    Hearse mounted to Suburban frame and everything extended - $500
    Casket $1.500
    Purple wheelin Hearse light $400
    And its not the money its just the time it took to get it all done. 5 year project

    I will sell or trade this Hearse for a Harley or even another older Hearse.
    I have alot of $ invested into this thing 586 935 2159

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    This is the same one listed on craigslist? Yep, it's the same one. Cool looking ride, good luck.

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    Very kOoL ride indeed... Good Luck...

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